ECDP ‘Future Focus’ Events

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ECDP is holding ‘Future Focus’ events in partnership with Healthwatch Essex, for people aged 16-24 living with a disability or impairment in Essex. Paralympian tennis player Louise Hunt is attending all of the events to meet everyone and share her stories. As well as the fantastic opportunity to meet Louise, you will have the chance […]

New CBeebies Show ‘Melody’ has Main Character with a Visual Impairment

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The new CBeebies show ‘Melody’ was designed with disabled children in mind, and features a little girl with a visual impairment as the main character. In each episode, Melody, a partially sighted girl, introduces pre-school children to a variety of classical music through animations that are created specifically to be more enjoyable for visually impaired […]

DWP Loses Appeal Against WCA Mental Health Ruling

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The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has recently lost an appeal against the ruling that the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) disadvantages people with mental health problems. In May this year, a Judicial Review ruled that the WCA disadvantages people with mental health problems, learning difficulties and autism. The Review was originally brought about by […]

Five ways to make bathrooms safe for the disabled

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If you have a disabled person in your family or have recently become disabled yourself, making sure that your home is easy and safe for everyday life will be a number one priority. One of the most important rooms to think about when adding features for disabled access is the bathroom. Even for able-bodied people […]

Increasing suicide rates cause police to address mental health issues in the community

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The North Yorkshire Police and several charities are very concerned about the rising suicide rates and attempted suicides in North Yorkshire. The number of people in the UK committing suicide is increasing. The Office for National Statistics states that in 2011 there was a significant rise in UK suicides, with 437 more people taking their […]