It’s 2017 and Pay Gaps Exist

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Are flexible working hours the solution?

New research suggests offering flexible hours to all job applicants could increase job opportunities for disabled people.

The research suggests it could also help combat pay differences.

The research has been carried out by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). It looks at the disability pay gap in Great Britain today.

What are the Details of the Pay Gap?

The gap can be explained by the difference in average hourly pay between disabled and non-disabled workers.

The report shows the pay gaps for different types of disability. It also highlights certain trends in employees, pay and what causes the disability pay gap.

Women and people from ethnic minority groups are also affected by the pay gap.

EHRC deputy chair Caroline Waters said: ‘While there has been some progress, it has been painfully slow. We need radical change now otherwise we’ll be having the same conversation for decades to come.’

Key Ideas Which Can Be Used to Combat the Gap

The report addressed recommendations to step up change. These include the publishing of statistical information about trends in disability pay gaps. This is used to get a visual representation of what is happening for the public to see for themselves.

Another key idea is quite simply making the right to request flexible working a right. This would mean that all jobs including senior positions would be made flexible and could be offered on a part-time basis.

The CEO of the charity Disability Rights UK, Kamran Mallick said: ‘it [the survey] demonstrates that for disabled people employment is not just about getting in but also staying in and getting on.’

‘We need to think differently about what it means to work. We don’t all have to aspire to work nine to five and Monday to Friday.’

Next Steps: What Does the Report Outline?

It is evident from the report that innovative ideas need to be brought to the table to bring down pay gaps. These ideas could be most effective when taught to pupils in schools to improve attainment outcomes.

The report will hopefully push to generate more awareness surrounding the pay gap and hopefully contribute to ending it. In 2017, it is shocking to see that there is still not equal pay for all different walks of life.

15.08.17 – Press Release: Disability Rights UK

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