Access to Work: What You Need to Know

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“In regulation with The Equality Act (2010), equal opportunities must be given to all employees. This is to provide all people with the same chances in the recruitment stages. This can be achieved through; fair interviews, a safe working environment and good access to working premises.”

in the UK there are 13.3 million people with disabilities, the figure of working disabled people is 3.5 million.. The government is looking to get another 1 million disabled people in to employment. So this can be made a reality, it is important for people to know what services are available to them.”

So, who are access to work?

Access to work are a government funded department which can provide advice and support for individuals who have a disability or health condition. They do this by helping you overcome work-related issues inside and outside of the workplace. Access to Work provide a range of services such as specialized equipment.

For example if you have a visual impairment you may need a larger screen. Access to work will work access to work will work alongside your employer and will help fund the cost of new equipment. This will help to reduces the financial fear of hiring a disabled worker. Overall each case will be treated individually and adapted to your needs and requirements.

Access to work will review your personal circumstances and go into the workplace to see what other help can be provided.

The Two-Ticks Scheme

Alongside Access to work there is a useful scheme called the two tick’s scheme. This is designed to help promote retention, training and career development of disabled employees.”

My experience

I have had good experiences with the Access to Work Scheme and with Two-Ticks. Currently, I am employed by Essex police as a PNC support officer. Essex police have helped me in terms of aiding my work life-balance.

Firstly, I found the Access to work process to be very easy to apply and all steps were easy to follow. Access to work has been a very positive process for me and has given me an even equal opportunity in the workplace by providing me with equipment and, more importantly, the support with travel to work has been life changing for me. The support provided to me has enabled me to work to at a high standard and meet the high demand of work which is required in my role. This has been a key factor in unlocking my true potential and helping me to show my true ability in the workplace.

I caught up with my line manager, Kim Kjolsen, and she has expressed her views on Access to Work. “I have found the process easy enough to follow and Access to work easy to approach. Throughout all the process and stages Access to work have been very informative and with the specialist advice which they can provide. From the business side of things, the financial support which Access to Work provides to help fund equipment has been a positive experience for overcoming funding issues for expensive purchases. It is an important value for me to make sure everyone has the right to be able to work and perform to their best ability. Overall the most meaningful and enjoyable part of the process is seeing my employee succeed in the workplace and seeing how the support provided has had a positive impact.”

The more awareness and understanding of what support is out their will help disabled workers feel more confident that their disability doesn’t need to stand in their way. Helping to achieve their life goals and aims by overcoming barriers.

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