A Christmas Message from Susan Pattrick CEO Dancing Giraffe CIC

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Gerald enjoying a Christmas Sledge

Gerald the Giraffe sledging down a snowy slope

It’s that time of year again and another busy twelve months for Dancing Giraffe has just passed.

As the CEO, I would like to thank all our volunteers who have worked so hard for us over the previous twelve months writing articles, researching information and contacting the various sporting clubs throughout Essex and surrounds who have agreed to support us by letting us use their information for the benefit of the disabled community and their care network in Essex and for those of you who have your details in our Resource Centre for disabled people to be able to contact you for help and support.

It is a real pleasure to say ‘thank you’ to you all and to wish you and your families a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I hope 2017 will be as busy as it was this year.

I would like to express my gratitude to my Content Editor, Poppy Reece who has been a constant for us during 2016. She works tirelessly to ensure that the information that you receive is as accurate as possible and gives a fresh view of the world of disability. Thanks must also go to our Newsfeed Analyst who supports Poppy in her search for relevant articles for Dancing Giraffe to write about.

I must also say a big ‘thank you’ to our readers on behalf of the team at Dancing Giraffe for sticking with us and for giving us the benefit of your support. For those of you who have sponsored us or supported us in different ways from buying our products, to donating their hard earned cash so that we can support people who need our help – thank you one and all. Thank you to Chelmsford City Council for their support at The 3 Foot People and Fling Festivals, and the individual members of their staff (you know who you are) who have helped us unstintingly.

Disability is an ugly word and although it covers a multitude of sins, I prefer to use the term ‘differently abled’. As human beings we are all different even those considered ‘normal’ so being differently abled applies to everyone no matter who they are or what level their education, what level their disability, or what level they work at. Everyone is different. The world would be a very poor place if we were all the same. There would be no challenges, no sincerity, no love, as we would all see the world through eyes that were blinkered and probably selfish.

For those people who do not have a home this Christmas, let us think about them in our prayers and wish them a much better 2017 than they may be currently experiencing. We should also think about those who are lonely at this time of year, may they be blessed with someone who will bring them into the family fold to experience a family Christmas again.

Let us all resolve to think about those people who are ‘differently abled’ and worse off than ourselves in the coming twelve months.

Christmas greetings from Susan Pattrick, CEO, Dancing Giraffe CIC.

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