How Audiobooks Can Change Everything

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One of the first experiences many of us have is listening to someone read us a story.

As we get older, we’re supposed to move on from this to reading silently on our own, but this isn’t always doable. If you struggle to read due to an illness, a disability, or a mental illness, the escapism and comfort that comes with reading can be lost.

That’s where Listening Books comes in. Passionate about ensuring everyone who wants to have access to reading can get it, Listening Books provide an audiobook library service for anyone who finds reading or holding a book difficult.

How Does It Work?

With the advent of digital audiobook services, anyone can press play at any time and have access to a wealth of fiction and non-fiction books. Gone are the days where audiobooks fill a large box of cassette tapes! Instead, MP3 CDs mean that whole books can fit onto one CD to be sent direct through the letterbox, and 50 hours of non-fiction can be downloaded onto a phone or tablet and carried around.

We have almost 7,000 titles available to borrow, including bestselling authors like J. K. Rowling, David Walliams, George R. R. Martin, Bill Bryson, Lee Child, Philip Pullman, and many more. If you’ve always wanted to read Game of Thrones but felt daunted by the size of the books, then why not try listening to them?

Nuance and Narrators

If the book is better than the film, then audiobooks are often the best way to experience a book. Listening to a narrator read a story taps back into the first experience most of us have. Whether it’s one narrator or many, listening to a book can provide a more intimate experience, and give a better understanding of the character.

One of my favourite narrators is Stephen Fry – his reading of the Harry Potter books gives them much more depth. While I maybe smiled when I first read about Harry trying to get a date for the Yule Ball, when it came to listening, I laughed uproariously. There’s just something about a book being read aloud that makes it funnier.

What To Do Now

While other audiobook services exist, they can prove very expensive. As a charity, Listening Books is able to offer memberships starting at just £20 per year to access ten audiobooks per week! We also provide free memberships for anyone who would like to join, but may not be able to afford the subsidised cost.

If you want to find out more you can visit the website: You can also email Jo Cord at or call 020 7407 9417.

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