Seven Unexpected Reasons for Giving Blood

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We all know we can literally save lives by donating blood. But what are the other benefits? 1. Rule Out Nasty Viruses Upon giving blood, your donation is tested for some nasty viruses such as cytomegalovirus, West Nile virus, T-cruzi, malaria, human T-lymphotropic virus, hepatitis E, hepatitis C, hepatitis B, syphilis, and HIV. If any […]

New Magazine For Disabled Youth – Crypto

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MA students on the magazine journalism course at City, University of London, are embarking on a new magazine called Crypto. It’s a lifestyle magazine which speaks to disabled people. Dominika Kubinyova, spokesperson for the group, says: “We are cool, artsy and different than other magazines for the disabled… Most of the people who responded to […]

How Audiobooks Can Change Everything

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One of the first experiences many of us have is listening to someone read us a story. As we get older, we’re supposed to move on from this to reading silently on our own, but this isn’t always doable. If you struggle to read due to an illness, a disability, or a mental illness, the […]

Disabled Woman’s Having Sex & Wants You To Know

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It took a long, awkward conversation with her family for Emily Yates to get her head around sex. Emily is a travel writer, presenter, businesswoman, and wheelchair user from Glasgow. “If you’re disabled it’s very likely that many of the adults in your life might never consider you as a sexual being, so all the […]

Making Music Accessible – ALF Drum Studios

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Andy Lawrence Franklin of ALF Drum Studios in Braintree is embarking on an exciting initiative for teaching people with disabilities how to play drums. The idea came from seeing fellow drummer Rick Allen of Def Leppard, who lost his left arm in a car crash in ’85 when the band were at their peak. His […]