“The Skies I’m Under” by Rachel Wright

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“The Skies I’m Under” I used to wake up too early in the morning, exhausted but unable to get back to sleep. Conversations and words rattled around my head tormenting me, keeping me from my slumber and much needed rest. Memories played through my mind but the truth was obscured by a thick cloud of […]

Beatitudes for the Disabled Poem

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I am a Human Rights Officer at a state facility for people with mental retardation. I work hard every day to protect the rights of the people who live here. Lately, I’ve been feeling tired, burned-out and stressed. I recently attended a Rights Training. This poem was given to us before the training started to remind us of why […]

Home Library Service from Essex Libraries

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If you find getting to a library difficult due to age or disability, and the mobile library does not stop close enough, then the Home Library Service could be the solution. It is available to anyone living in their own home, in sheltered accommodation or in a care home. It is a free service with books delivered […]

Think Local Act Personal

Think Local Act Personal – information

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Making it Real for Carers explores what each MiR theme means to carers. It can be used as a checklist to inform organisations’ business plans and frameworks. Making it Real for Young Carers has been coproduced by young carers. Using words and pictures they explain what is important to them. Resource Overview – Making it […]


News from Contact a Family

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New and updated literature includes ‘A Guide to Dealing with Bullying for Parents of Disabled Children’ also, if you are a parent carer of a young person preparing for adult life and the move from child to adult services, take a look at their guide  Preparing For Adult Life And Transition. and  – go to their […]

Council for disabled children

News from The Council for Disabled Children

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The Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice, which provides guidance to local authorities, clinical commissioning groups, early years providers, schools and colleges on carrying out their duties under part 3 of the Children and Families Act 2014, has been laid before Parliament today. Parliament must approve the Code to enable it to come […]

Essex Police

Hate Crime!!!

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Essex Police take prejudice-based crime seriously and we want all incidents to be reported. It is important to let us know about hate crime to give us a chance to investigate and prosecute offenders and to ensure that you and the wider community are protected. We cannot deal with the problem unless it is reported […]

Dancing on the head of a pin: Attitudes towards disability and difference

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DG Writer Kerry Barr considers the issues surrounding how society views disability, using our very own Dancing Giraffe as an example… Anyone is welcome to use this diagnostic conundrum for exposing “lurking in the closet” attitudes towards disability and difference. Whose thought is it anyway? If a giraffe experiences difficulty when attempting to dance on […]

Novel by Thomas Wright wins the 2012 Wellcome Trust Book Prize

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The Wellcome Trust has announced the winner of its notable Book Prize award. The successful author, Thomas Wright, was award the amount of £25,000 for his book, Circulation, an outstanding biographical novel about English physician, William Harvey. The Wellcome Trust Book Prize was created to celebrate literature which embraces the twin themes of medicine and […]

Running Free: Breaking out from Locked-In Syndrome

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When thirty-nine year old Kate Allatt wakes up in hospital after spending three days in a coma following a massive brainstem stroke, she realises that she is unable to move anything except her eyelids. However, despite her paralysed body, she is completely aware and understands everything that is going on around her. Running Free conveys […]

A hero’s story with a difference: Frank Lambert’s new children’s novel puts disabled characters in the spotlight

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Inspired by his son, Frank Lambert from Newcastle has created a schoolboy hero with a difference: he uses a wheelchair. Dancing Giraffe writer, Toby Weighman caught up with Mr. Lambert to talk about his new novel, Napoleon Xylophone, and its eponymous hero. Could you explain to our readers the premise behind your novel Napoleon Xylophone? […]

‘In My Dreams I Dance’ by Anne Wafula Strike: a story of courage and determination

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This autobiographical book tells the true and incredible story of Paralympic athlete and sporting ambassador Anne Wafula Strike, a Kenyan who was struck down by Polio as a toddler. It charts her journey, which began in a small Kenyan village, where she was persecuted for her disability, to overcoming prejudice towards disability and to finally […]