The 2030 Agenda: “Leaving No one Behind”

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On September 25th, 2015, some countries adopted a set of goals. Each goal has specific targets to be achieved over the next 15 years. The Sustainable Development Goals The Sustainable Development Goals or SDG’s set out by the United Nations looks at 17 different goals to ‘transform the world’. The principle of “Leaving No one […]

It’s 2017 and Pay Gaps Exist

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Are flexible working hours the solution? New research suggests offering flexible hours to all job applicants could increase job opportunities for disabled people. The research suggests it could also help combat pay differences. The research has been carried out by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). It looks at the disability pay gap in […]

Disabled Woman’s Having Sex & Wants You To Know

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It took a long, awkward conversation with her family for Emily Yates to get her head around sex. Emily is a travel writer, presenter, businesswoman, and wheelchair user from Glasgow. “If you’re disabled it’s very likely that many of the adults in your life might never consider you as a sexual being, so all the […]

Making Music Accessible – ALF Drum Studios

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Andy Lawrence Franklin of ALF Drum Studios in Braintree is embarking on an exciting initiative for teaching people with disabilities how to play drums. The idea came from seeing fellow drummer Rick Allen of Def Leppard, who lost his left arm in a car crash in ’85 when the band were at their peak. His […]

Gaming for Disabled Children

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Gaming for Disabled Children is a way for differently abled children to experience gaming technology when they have a disability. Ceyda’s story is an example of what can be achieved. Read it here. Video Gaming Ceyda’s having fun playing her favourite video game. “Booyah!” she shouts as another baddie hits the dust. But she’s not […]

Royal Association For Deaf People

Deaf Achieve Workshops

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Deaf Achieve is a project funded by the Big Lottery Fund for three years (ending 2018) to provide support to Deaf people aged 18-65 focusing on independence,wellbeing, skills and employability. Outcomes achieved through the delivery of various workshops i.e. health and employability, independent travel training, coaching, confidence building. For more details on upcoming workshops and […]

Success Regime initiative

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The Success Regime is a national initiative that was first announced in the NHS Five Year Forward View in 2015. The aim is to support areas with deep rooted and persistent pressures, where financial deficits and service shortfalls create serious challenges for health and care in the future. Mid and South Essex is currently on […]

Unlocking Local Capacity

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The Unlocking Local Capacity report sets out findings from new research about what councils can do to unlock the capacity in their communities. The practical experiences quoted are those of managers from 30 councils. They were interviewed especially for this research from up and down the country. Unlocking Local Capacity gives a snapshot of where […]

Supporting the Communication Needs of People with a Learning Disability

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Inclusive Communication Essex (ICE) is all about helping people with learning difficulties to understand and be understood. The service supports the communication needs of people with a learning disability and is supported by Essex County Council. Services ICE provide communication equipment that can be borrowed from any Essex library for free. This includes signing videos […]

Cyber Crime

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With Cyber Crime a big news item at the moment, it is a timely reminder to everyone that we must all be vigilant when using our computers, tablets or mobile phones. Landlines are just as vulnerable, as this item sent in by Chelmsford CVS below, shows….. Convincing Cyber Crime “Last week Chelmsford Voluntary Service was […]

“The Skies I’m Under” by Rachel Wright

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“The Skies I’m Under” I used to wake up too early in the morning, exhausted but unable to get back to sleep. Conversations and words rattled around my head tormenting me, keeping me from my slumber and much needed rest. Memories played through my mind but the truth was obscured by a thick cloud of […]

Birdwatching Boat Trips on the River Blackwater

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Birdwatching Boat Trips on the River Blackwater Join us at Essex Wildlife Trust afloat our very special birdwatching boat trips exploring the sheltered coastal waters and mudflats around Tollesbury and Mersea. With expert local guides, we will expect to see a wide range of species, including brent geese, dunlin, avocet, red-breasted merganser, and many more. […]

Send a Cow, Leigh on Sea

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Send a Cow, Leigh on Sea After ‘Three Acres And A Cow’ (Cecily Morris was there), she’s now opening her garden in aid of ‘Send a Cow’ ‘Send a Cow is about raising funds to help people in Africa grow their own fruit and vegetables and farm their own animals to provide food for their […]