Chelmsford City Council: Live Arts come to Chelmsford and it’s free

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…And now for something completely different; our new season of UnCivic Arts!

It’s a little bit like the Fringe Festival apart from it’s in the Cramphorn Studio and there’s a severe lack of kilts (but feel free to wear one if you want).

And the best part? We’re letting you PAY WHAT YOU DECIDE after you’ve seen the show. So reserve your place now!

All Roads Lead to Rome

Thursday 20 September 8.00pm

Having lovingly repaired his father’s Triumph Herald Estate, Chris embarked upon a road trip from his childhood home in Braintree in Essex to Turin, Italy, where this quintessentially British car was designed. This is a show about that journey. Part personal investigation of his father’s time as a Polish soldier during the Italian Campaign of WWII and part muse on our growing materialistic culture, Chris uses slideshows, kinetic sculptures and his charismatic wit to explore the surprising connections between communism, consumerism and classic car mechanics.

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Someone Loves You ‘Drive With Care’

Thursday 27 September 8.00pm

Tom Cassani exposes the techniques of deception, and teaches how to spot it in action. Stripping back any physical means of trickery, he works closely with the audience to explore and expose deception and truth, and the fine line between the two.

Watch everyday action turn into the impossible. Explore moments in time that might have happened, that have never happened, and that will never happen. How might this relate to holding a stranger’s hand? Or crying? Or being born at the same time as a tree?

Tom invites you to investigate his relationship with a practice founded on bending the truth and being honest about doing just that.

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Wednesday 10 October 8.00pm

Oh look, 2016 Fringe First Award winners Sh!t Theatre again. What is it this time? Oh, is it unemployment? Is there a crisis? Did the government do something wrong again?

No, it’s a show about Dolly Parton. We flippin’ love her.

Following the award-winning sell-out hit Letters to Windsor House – which was named one of Time Out London’s top ten theatre shows of the year – Sh!t Theatre return with their bold new show. It’s about country legend Dolly Parton, cloning, branding, immortality and death.

DollyWould enjoyed a 100% sell-out run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and comes to you on its nationwide tour off the back of a four-week off-West End London run.

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The Redux Project

Thursday 18 October 8.00pm

Artist Richard DeDomenici’s cinematic forgeries have caused a stir around the world.

Filmed in original locations, and starring local participants, Richard shoots on a furious schedule, with little more than a cheap camera and his wits.

Ultimately he hopes that by making fake versions of things that are themselves inherently fake, we’ll somehow arrive at a greater truth.

Come see DeDomenici discuss the project, reveal previously unseen making-of footage, and divulge his secret plans to bring The Redux Project to Chelmsford.

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Thursday 8 November 8.00pm

Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, driest place in the world, home to a few scientists, engineers and medical professionals all at the top of their game. Every day is about survival. Every day is about saving the planet.

And then Chris came along to make some Art.

For three and a half months Chris lived and worked alongside the team at the British Antarctic Survey. He discovered that sometimes it’s very difficult to justify your position as an Artist whilst everyone around you is a Hero.

Following on from Chris’ acclaimed show All Roads Lead to Rome this is an adventure story about overcoming hardships and celebrating difference via tales of carnivorous ducks, Ladybird books and a sledge built out of gold picture frames.

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How (Not) To Live In Surburbia

Friday 16 November 8.00pm

Who the **** are you?”

“I’m the Walrus of Loneliness. Let me in.”

A few years ago in the middle of a ****storm of life events, single mother, artist and proud Londoner Annie Siddons found herself living in suburbia by accident. This show is a hilarious, brutal and poignant attempt to describe what happened next.

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Bi-Curious George & Other Sidekicks

Thursday 22 November 8.00pm

Professor ‘the Amazing’ Addrian is a Punch and Judy man extraordinaire. He’s also Lucy’s dad. As a child Lucy helped out collecting money, performing tricks and playing Curious George the monkey on a ferry.

Now, Dad and Daughter reunite to reminisce through rose-tinted glasses. They re-enact childhood magic tricks and reflect on what it means to choose the life of an artist. The glib entertainer and earnest artist lock heads questioning: where do these two artists go from here? Can they explore new avenues when they cannot even agree on this blurb? And can this show survive the appearance of Mr. Punch?

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Remember, there are no upfront ticket fees as it’s PAY WHAT YOU DECIDE and there will be an opportunity to give a donation at the end. We strongly recommend you reserve your seats in advance to avoid disappointment.

The recommended age for all performances is 14+.

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