Colchester Borough News: Don’t Lose Your Vote, New Recycling Calendar and more

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Don't lose your vote. Vote in local elections. Thursday the second of May 2019.

Changed your name, moved to a new house, turned 18 or never registered to vote? Update your details on the Register by 12 April to make sure you’re able to vote in both the Borough Council elections on 2 May. It’s quick and easy to register at

Recycling Calendar April to September 2019

Colchester Borough Council will soon be sending the new 2019/20 Recycling Calendar to residents across the borough, delivered with their Council Tax bill.

Don’t forget, you can always look up your collection dates and details online at Using your postcode, you can check which day your collection is due, whether you are on a Blue or Green Week, what should go out that week and what can and cannot be recycled.

You can also download a replacement calendar and report a missed collection.

Gum Litter Blows So Bin It. Better Colchester. Dispose of your gum on the go with a mini gum drop keyring.

Remember, you can help us keep Colchester looking the best it can be by not littering. As well as waste bins and recycling bins, we also have special bins in the Town Centre just for gum.

You really can’t miss them: they’re bright pink and dotted all over town. The gum inside gets taken away and made into new bins – clever hey?!

Find out more at:

And remember, Gum Litter Blows…So Bin It!

Share your views on where you vote. Share your views on the suitability of the areas and venues where you vote in the borough for elections by taking part in our six week online consultation by the 15th of April 2019. Click here to find out more.

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