Disabled Holidays: Are There Options Available?

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It’s now the summer holidays, and for many, the thoughts of the great getaway are at the forefront of their mind. For most of us, holidays aren’t an issue, but for others, getting away can be more of a challenge.
For those with physical and mental disabilities it can be challenging to find a place where comfort is assured. After all, who wants to go on holiday if you have to work hard to enjoy yourself?
Here’s a quick rundown of some of the places you can go in the UK and abroad to enjoy a holiday, where those with certain needs are catered for. We hope you enjoy researching your options.

1. UK Cottages

While some locations for cottages aren’t suitable because of the natural area they’re surrounded by; the majority are very capable of supporting those with access issues. There are a host of cottages specifically adapted to cater for those with disabilities as well.
Time at the seaside, or roaming the countryside is great for unwinding and enjoying nature, or just relaxing with a great book. UK cottages might also be good for those with mental health conditions where they don’t want to be around crowds or just want to de-stress.

2. Cruises

There are many cruise ships that have adapted cabins and areas of their ship to cater for those in wheelchairs or who have partial mobility. Cruise ships are a great way to explore the world and visit different ports for cultural experiences like no other.
Entertainment on ships is often varied and while certain activities might not be to your liking; there’s a lot to do for everyone.

3. Disneyland Paris

For those with a disabled child or for those with a disability, and children who want a fun family holiday, you can always try Disneyland Paris.
Disney’s Sequoia Lodge is the perfect example of how they cater for those with mobility support needs. They have wheelchair facilities including a wheelchair shower, ramps, and a level car park. They also have hearing and visual aids for those who require them.

4. Foreign Hotels

While many see hotels abroad as being less accessible for those with a disability, there are numerous hotels that can easily cater for you. Most have excellent facilities built in, or have adapted rooms for wheelchair users.
In addition, many major tour operators can now accommodate those with a wide range of mental conditions including autism. Some airports now have special rooms for those with a mental disability. A good example of this is Shannon Airport in Ireland with their sensory room.


Don’t let a disability ruin your opportunity for a great getaway. While it might be late on in the season, you can still book rooms at a good price. In addition, with some research, you can enjoy a holiday with the issues associated with any disability.
Have you got any holiday recommendations? What was your best holiday?
Let us know in the comments below.

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