Disabled Parking

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Just recently, an NHS hospital has made headline news that disabled visitors would from now on have to be charged for parking the same as everyone else to back up the running of the hospital. It was reported that this could soon become a nationwide trend, where the previously free of charge parking spaces may all have to be paid for.

Now the rest of us pretty much have a choice where we park, or if indeed we park at all. We could use public transport and not worry about parking spaces and fees. We could park somewhere else and walk the rest of the way in order to avoid charges. Most of us though choose to pay charges for convenience. This is exactly the point: we choose. The disabled do not have this option. They are dependent on parking spaces close by. How can having to pay for something you cannot choose be justified? Especially, when it comes to hospital visits, where choice is even further limited. People go to hospital to visit family and friends or to have treatment themselves, both of which are vital for recovery. Charging people who already have a disadvantage in life for doing what they have to do is, in my opinion, inhumane and offends the Disability Act. I do hope that there will be enough public outcry to prevent this from happening.

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