Discrimination For Those With A Disability Still Rife Across The World

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The UK is hosting the world’s disability summit. Yet across the world, our leaders recognise that those with disabilities are challenged with prejudice and even violence.

One of the reasons for the challenges faced by many disabled people is underfunding. Underfunding causes numerous issues such as challenges to find equipment, receive support and perhaps help to be self-sufficient.
At the summit being held, organisations and governments are being asked to support a charter for change. This is to help those with disabilities to have equal rights and a dignified life.

Despite the UK Government seeming to take the lead in disability rights, the government itself cannot be said to be blameless. It was only a while ago that it was forced to cave into pressure to backdate benefit payments to ill and disabled claimants. A UN inquiry also criticised the UK for not upholding the rights of disabled people across a range of departments.

But money needs to be raised and used correctly to help people get the support they need. The difference in how funds are raised and spent can be no more apparent than in how the UN spends its money. UNICEF receives $5billion annually to help protect and promote the rights of children. UN Women has a budget of about $1.15 billion.

In contrast, the UN Partnership on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities has a budget of just $5 million per year. Therefore the UN is spending $1 on disabled rights for every $100 it spends on the rights for children. This doesn’t mean other groups are receiving too much funding. Just that the disabled aren’t receiving enough.

How Can You Help Those With A Disability?

There are several ways you can help those with a disability. Firstly, you can donate to Dancing Giraffe. We can help support those with a disability in many different ways.

Alternatively, you can volunteer some time to help us run our organisation and help deliver vital services to those that need them in the local area.
Finally, you can help us with raising funds at local events. Sponsor us at events or partake in sponsorship activities.

These activities don’t just make a difference in our operations. They make a difference in the lives of those we help. We help people live their lives and enjoy them.

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