Father Christmas, an Elf and a Little Boy called Vinnie

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Santa’s Sleigh and Reindeer

Santas sleigh and Reindeer

Vinnie With His Mum

Vinnie With His Mum

The Big Santa Project for Sticky Paws

On December 21st at 10.00 am in Chelmsford High Street, the Mayor of Chelmsford, Chelmsford City Councillors, Virgin Money personnel and Chelmsford City footballers will be gathering around Father Christmas and his loyal elf to fund-raise for Vinnie, a very special little boy with a rare condition but a huge determination to overcome his disabilities.

Four year old Vinnie has the rare condition known as Peter Plus Syndrome; a condition associated with shortened limbs, developmental delay, glaucoma, conductive hearing loss and congenital heart defects and has been attending the YMCA Chelmsford Day Nursery (Sticky Paws) since he was one. Vinnie’s very specific needs are met by the outstanding and dedicated YMCA Sticky Paws Nursery team in both care and education enabling Vinnie to develop and progress beyond what was first thought possible.

Chelmsford City Councillors Michael Holoway and Stephanie Scott (Chelmsford City Council Champion for Disability) have been working with YMCA Chelmsford for the last year relating to musical sessions and music therapy for disabled and vulnerable young adults. They were asked to meet Vinnie and create a project to achieve the necessary £5000 which would build a sensory room within the area of the nursery where Vinnie and his friends with special needs can reduce anxiety and recharge in their own special quiet place.

The Councillors considered various opportunities to fund raise for the nursery and this courageous little boy so, decided it was time to drag out their Christmas costumes and appeal to the Chelmsford community.

Councillor Mike Holoway stated ‘we have been touched by the dedication and support of the YMCA Team and the extraordinary determination of Vinnie who is an inspiration to us all. The Santa team which includes Cllr DeVries, COLUMBUS School and College Governor, John Scott and care manager Stacey Murphy has worked tirelessly since August in their spare time to hand make the sleigh and reindeer and organise venues and volunteers all around Chelmsford in the run up to Xmas ’
The councillors have enlisted the help of their City Council colleagues to entertain and engage Christmas shoppers with a magnificent Sleigh, reindeers, music and a team of ’extraordinary’ elves supporting Father Christmas for this very worthy cause.

Please come and visit the team at the following locations and be generous with your donations.

7th December Meadgate Church, Gt Baddow 11.30 to 1pm
8th December Tesco Wood Street 10 to 2.30pm*
11th December Sainsbury’s , Springfield 10 to 4pm
15th December Chelmsford Market, Bellmead 11 to 2pm*
16th December Sainsbury’s, Springfield 10 to 4pm
17th December Trent Road Community Church 11 to 1pm
19th December Morrison, Newlands Spring 10 to 3pm*
20th December Columbus School 09.30 to 12
21st December o/s Virgin Money Chelmsford High Street 10 to 4pm*
22nd December o/s Meadows Chelmsford High Street 10 to 4pm*

*Vinnie’s fund.

All dates starred with an asterisk are fundraising dates for Sticky Paws Sensory Room.

For further information please call: Cllr Holoway or Cllr Scott on
07763 797608 or 07775 870638.

Cash or cheque donations should be made direct to:
Virgin Money Chelmsford… or
YMCA Victoria Road Chelmsford

Cheques should be clearly marked YMCA Chelmsford “Vinnies Fund”

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