Fitness Myth!

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Fitness Myth……

Doing lots of stomach exercises will ‘get rid’ of my fat stomach- false!!

This is because abdominal exercises, such as sit ups only target a small proportion of muscles in the body. It burns few calories and fails to raise the body’s heart rate.

What will help you ‘get rid’ of that fat stomach.

Your body is already pre-determined to carry fat in certain areas, everybody is different. Burning calories and toning them up using correct weight training techniques will reduce body fat all over the body, including the stomach. Using large muscle groups helps the fat burning process even more. The bigger the muscle the more calories it will burn. Below are some great ways to get started at home. If you need that extra push just hold some light weights.

Choose a cardiovascular exercise

5km run
8km bike
20min skipping intervals
When you are back do a little stretching and then complete this simple circuit 3 or 4 times resting for 45 seconds in between each.

12 press ups

15 squats

8 lunges on each leg

If you cannot place pressure on your wrists or ankles why not use the bike as the cardiovascular option and the two exercises below for your circuit

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