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A group at Wilderness Festival 2016, photo courtesy of Festival Spirit

Summer is just around the corner and many flock to festivals each year. Festival Spirit exists to help people with life-limiting illness or disability to enjoy their festival experience.

Festival Spirit started in 2010 with their first festival being ‘Womad.’ The charity hopes to use festivals as a way of changing people’s lives positively.

Music unites each one of us. Through the work done at Festival Spirit, multiple groups of people have managed to attend festivals. These include: Wilderness, Glastonbury and this years Wychwood Festival.

At each festival, they aim to provide amazing experiences for their groups. They work directly with the festival organisers.

Festival Spirit provides a festival ticket, cordoned off sleeping accommodation for each guest and primary carer. Also, a fully electric hospital bed for each guest and electric hoists for mobility.

Illness should not mean that you are unable to have a magical experience at a festival. Festival Spirit aims to make dreams come true for people and make them realise that their illness does not define them.

Cambridge graduate Hannah was struck down by illness whilst studying for her doctorate. Hannah needed 24-hour oxygen using a ventilator and three carers. Without Festival Spirit, she would not have been able to attend Wilderness Festival.

She said, “…And that perhaps is what a festival is: a chance to break away from the person you actually are,

and spend one brief, magical weekend as the person you’d like to be. With my practical

restrictions sorted by Festival Spirit, I was, just for one weekend, myself once again.”

Festival Spirit aims to grow and have a presence at all major festivals with a goal of attending ten festivals per year by their tenth anniversary.

Reaching the goal would provide places for 100-120 people, who without their help, would not be able to attend.

If you would like to attend a festival this year with Festival Spirit, application forms are ready to fill out here.

Womad 2016, photo courtesy of Festival Spirit

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