Had Your Disability Payments Cut? What You Can Do

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Disability payments have been cut for many thousands of people across the UK. Under the new system, which people are slowly being transferred to, a new assessment is necessary, and this is done by a private company.

This has caused numerous people, who have serious disabilities to have their payments cut or stopped completely. One example of this is Wendy, who has lost her benefits despite having early onset dementia. She has to have help to make a cup of tea, and her daughter prepares all her meals for her.

This isn’t an isolated case. There are at least 6,000 cases a month where those on the previous system have had their benefits cut. Specifically, those receiving support for Parkinson’s has dropped from 82% of applicants to 40%, MS applications have dropped from 93% to 50% and those with rheumatoid arthritis the figure has slumped from 83% to 24%.

Yet there are options if this has happened to you. Here is our quick guide for you.

  1. Record As Much Information As Possible

If you have your reassessment coming up, remember to take notes or have someone take notes for you. These could be important in the future. Remember to record every aspect of your daily life that your condition affects, even if it seems minor like opening doors.

  1. Don’t Use Your Phone To Record Your Assessment

While you are allowed to record your assessment, at the time of writing, it is not possible for you to record your assessment using your phone. It must be done with the full knowledge of the assessor and with professional equipment – which can be costlier than the payments you’ll receive back.

  1. If Your Payments Have Dropped – Contest

If your payments have dropped, you have the right to contest. Be sure to mention the reason why you think the payments have dropped. These can include:

  • New evidence for the Department of Work and Pensions to consider.
  • A factual mistake made in your assessment.
  • The assessor has not understood something you told them.
  • The assessor has missed out some important information about your disability.

According to research, 65% of contested cases have been successful for the applicant.

So, if you do find your payment cuts, there are ways you can contest the decision.

Have you had your payments cut? What action have you taken?

Let us know in the comments below.

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