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Essex Country Parks. Make a new year's resolution. One, get out more. Discover more at visitparks.co.uk

Happy New Year!

Calendar open on the month of January with the word start in red ink with a ring round it.
What is your New Year’s resolution?

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Winter is Here

A picture of lake or large pond with a bird in the foreground

It may be freezing cold and blowing a gale, but there are so many good reasons to enjoy our Essex Country Parks during the autumn and winter. All you need to do is dress up warm and enjoy the fresh air. It’s fun for children and feels great for adults too – we are drawn to nature and feel better when we spend time in woodlands, meadows or parks.

Beach Walk

Cudmore Grove Country Park on Mersea Island coastal scene

Simply spending time outdoors, improves your wellbeing. Why not take a winter picnic, or watch the children play in the playground? There is a great play area at Cudmore Grove Country Park on Mersea Island, where you can also enjoy a blustry beach walk.

Sky Ropes

A warm or stuffy room makes a great breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. You are more likely to pick up colds when in closed spaces. At Great Notley Country Park there is plenty of open space for the children to just run around, and plenty to explore – not only is there a play trail but there is 50% off Sky Ropes during January.

Explore Further

Hadleigh park family picture with people on bikes with a pleasant view

Why not go on a bike ride? In Essex we are very lucky to have plenty of areas for cycling from some of the 17 mile disused railway of the Flitch Way to routes in and around Olympic Mountain Bike course at Hadleigh Country Park.

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