Homelessness Prevention programme

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The Department for Communities and Local Government DCLG have launched a £40 million Homelessness Prevention programme –  which will provide £40 million of funding for local areas to prevent and tackle homelessness and includes:
£20 million to establish a network of ambitious Homelessness Prevention Trailblazer areas to develop innovative new approaches to prevent homelessness (Greater Manchester, Newcastle and Southwark have agreed to be early adopters)

– a £10 million rough sleeping grant fund to enable local areas to intervene early with rough sleepers before their problems become entrenched.
– £10 million Social Impact Bond funding to turn around the lives of the most entrenched rough sleepers by getting them into accommodation and addressing their complex needs through personalised support

Local authorities are invited to bid for all funds, either singly or working with other authorities. Preference will be given to multi-agency partnership bids from across the wider public sector (for example with health and wellbeing, criminal justice or employment services) or, where appropriate, across local authority geographical boundaries.

I have attached links giving more detail about the programme and the bidding process – please note the closing date for bids is 28 November 2016.



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