Little Sofia Saves Mother

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Three year old Sofia saves her mother, Patricia Hannington, 38 by calling the police when her she fell unconscious.

Patricia was standing in on the counter within her kitchen, when she suddenly blacked out and fell unconscious to the ground.

Her mother suffers a medical condition where her heart can beat fast; which causes her blood pressure peak. This means that she is prone to unpredictable blackouts.

Sofia was very brave and came to save her mother’s life.

When Sofia realised that her mother had blacked out; she reached the nearest telephone. She then dialled 999.

“They asked her to check if I was breathing so she put her hand against my face.

Patricia said: “She told them where we used to live so they went there and broke the door down before finding out we had moved.

“Luckily the place was empty.”

The police managed to trace their new address. By the time the emergency services arrived, Patricia had been unconscious for an hour.

She was taken to hospital and is now recovering at home.

“I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus,” she said.

“I ache all over but I’ve no broken bones – I was quite lucky.”

Sofia and her mum have now been invited to visit the 999 call centre in Chelmsford by police chiefs.

“I’ve no idea what would have happened if it wasn’t for Sofia,” added Patricia.

Therefore we see how brave Sofia came to the rescue.

This could have been fatal, if Patricia, from Clacton, didn’t take it upon her own initiative to previously go through the procedure of what to do in an emergency.

“I’ve taught her how to scroll up to use the emergency setting, even if the phone is locked. She knows to call 999 and that’s what she did.’ Says Patricia.

From this, we can see how important it is, even for very young children, to teach them how to respond in the case of an emergency. Sofia shows evident responsive and a sensible initiative, as she took her mother’s advice and carried it out.

Patricia admires her little girls as she says:

“I am the luckiest mum ever to have such a brave little girl.”

“She’s my little angel – and she’s one in a million.”


Written by Shannon Keegan

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