London Southend Airport Introduces Wristband to Help Disabled Passengers

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Airports are stressful places, they are big, loud and confusing. For people with visual impairments, hearing difficulties or mental health issues they are almost impossible to navigate. London Southend Airport recognise this and have introduced a scheme that will hopefully improve the experience for many disabled people.

The blue wristbands will discreetly alert staff members, who have been trained to help the disabled with checking in, getting through security and finding the correct departure gate. Also, unlike most things to do with air travel, the wristbands are voluntary and don’t cost anything extra.

The scheme was developed with local and national charities and was inspired by similar successful schemes used in other UK airports.

In an interview published by the aviation website, Future Travel Experience, CEO of Stobart Aviation, Glyn Jones explained: “We wholly recognise that for some of our customers the airport itself can be a challenging environment. When you have a hidden disability, such as autism, dementia, or are sight or hearing-impaired, the unfamiliar, bustling and occasionally noisy surroundings can become a little overwhelming. We want to support every passenger as best we can and I hope that these blue bands will play a big part in delivering on that commitment.”


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