Blog: Juggling Mental and Physical Health with Life; Introduction

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Welcome to Dancing Giraffe Blogs!


My name is Katrina, I am the assistant content editor and writer here at DG, I am also currently in my final year of University. I have suffered with my mental health the majority of my life, as well as osteoporosis.
At the beginning of this year, after a rather low Christmas period and subsequent internal questioning, I decided that at the (occasionally mature) age of 25 I wanted to move out of my family home and find myself a job in the hope of finding independence.

This new series of blogs will follow me in my journey of juggling my mental and physical health, with moving, studying and working. So stay tuned for weekly instalments, in which I will reflect upon my week, and what I’ve learnt or overcome during this arguably stressful period. I hope that this will help readers to acknowledge that independence is possible despite mental and physical illnesses, breaking free of the stigma around some types of disabilities.
I’m excited to share my journey with you all!

Katrina 🙂

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