Participants needed for Channel 4’s ‘The Undateables’

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Channel 4’s documentary series ‘The Undateables’ is returning for a fourth series, and is looking for people with a disability or impairment who wish take part in the show.

The documentary series is created by TV company ‘betty’ for Channel 4, and explores issues of love and disability.

The series follows disabled people and those with a variety of conditions on their quest to find love, and the highs and lows of their experiences.

The series also aims to explore society’s attitudes towards disabled people and how this can affect their relationships.

‘betty’ works with introduction agencies which finds matches for their clients across the UK, based on the client’s specifications, such as common interests, likes and dislikes. ‘betty’ is closely involved with the matching process, and seeks to provide introductions with both disabled and non-disabled people.

The producers and agencies will also consult people with expertise in the areas of disability and impairment, for advice and guidance.

The producers are currently discussing the series with leading disability networks and charities, as well as working with Alison Walsh, Channel 4’s Disability Adviser, to ensure all issues are handled sensitively.

The series is described as ‘romantic and insightful’, and has been hugely successful in terms of both ratings and critical acclaim, being highly praised in the media.

The shows were ‘pick of the day’ in most major newspapers, with The Telegraph stating ‘The Undateables’ was “gentle, careful and respectful”, whilst The Guardian also stated it was “beautifully done”.

If you are single and looking for love, and want to take part in the fourth series of ‘The Undateables’, please get in touch with the producers:

You can call 0207 290 0223, or email



Written by Poppy Reece

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  1. Ian Clinker says:

    Yes I am single and looking for love I am a guy with learning difficulties I have been unsuccessful with meeting people I hope you could help me out I am interested in guys so because I am gay.

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