Rio 2016 Paralympics: Hannah Cockroft looks to new generation

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She’s a Paralympic wheelchair athlete, gold medallist, world record holder and MBE. Hannah Cockroft is inspired and excited for the new generation of wheelchair athletes emerging in 2016. World record holder for T34, the Paralympian has only been beaten once by 14 year old Kare Adenegan who watched the 2012 games and instantly became attached to the sport.

The flare coming from the new generation has lit up further optimism in Cockroft and the Paralympic society as she stated “There are 15-year-olds and 16-year-olds blasting world records. The youngsters are going to make us very dominant.”  Such ambition is just what they need to kick start the Paralympics in Rio and back home.

Yet, to ensure this can happen according to Tim Hollingsworth, funding is essential to ensure Britain’s place in the top three “We want our athletes to be on the start line in the best possible shape,” only the best of the best for Britain’s Paralympians.

To help produce funds, Hollingsworth wishes to create a campaign called ‘Supercharge ParalympicsGB’. This is to enable the public to easily and safely transfer donations to help the Paralympians over in Rio and any other events. Although Hollingsworth has had donations from the ‘National Lottery’ and ‘UK support’ he states “the final part of the jigsaw requires as much funding as possible to ensure the team are ready for success,” and a success it shall be.

As the new generation gets ready for the games, Cockroft, winner of the T34 100m and 200m in London, confesses the experience will be daunting, but no doubts from Dancing Giraffe that she will add to her long line of medals.

Less than 240 days remain until the opening day on September 7, 2016 so save the date!


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Written by Dami Fawehinmi

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