Scope: Community Newsletter October 2018

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Hi Supporter, how are you today? On the community this week we’re talking about employment. We’d love to hear about your own experiences over on the community too.

What I’m hiding as a disabled working person

“I talk for a living but it’s not so easy to explain to others the impact of pain and fatigue”

Ruth shares her thoughts on the impact of her disability in the workplace.

Please click here to read Ruth’s story.

The importance of inclusive employment

“I feel so privileged to be working for an organisation that not only recognises and accommodates my disability, but embraces it”

Pippa discusses her positive experiences of inclusive employment.

Please click here to read about Pippa’s experiences.

Share your experiences of working

We know that disabled people can have a whole range of experiences in the workplace, both positive and negative.

Would you like to tell us about yours? Share them now on the community.

Click here to read about or share employment experiences.

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