Sight Impaired and Would Like to Sail?

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Blind Sailing is a registered charity. Their aim is to help blind and partially sighted people sail at all levels. They organise regular training sessions and racing events, providing coaching and help to enable novices to learn to sail and advanced sailors reach their potential in racing.

Blind Sailing has two different disciplines: Fleet racing which is run in sight categories with sighted sailors forming part of the team and also Match Racing where blind and sight impaired sailors sail with audible marks outlining the course and their competitor. Blind Sailing in Great Britain has a host of successes and hopes to build:

World Champions Three times at the IFDS World Blind Fleet Racing, currently ranked 2nd in the World
Gold Medallists at the IFDS 2010 B2 Blind Match Racing International Championships 2010
Gold Medallists at the IFDS 2011 International Blind Match Racing Championships
And many more dating back to 1992.

Blind Sailing is open to all sight impaired and blind sailors at any level, any age. They are based all over the UK from the Isle of Wight to the lakes of Windermere. They also offer support to clubs that have sight impaired sailors offering training.

Blind Sailing is a small charity but it changes lives and opens doorways, helps all build confidence, communication skills and independence.

There is so much we can say about what an exciting and exhilarating facility this is, but to learn more visit

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