Southend Hospital to host cancer ‘one-stop shop’

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Southend Hospital has been chosen as a host centre for a new cancer ‘one-stop shop’ that aims to provide earlier diagnosis for patients.

Southend is one of ten sites that have chosen to trial these ‘one stop shops’, where patients who are presenting vague symptoms such as weight loss or fatigue can be referred by their GP and receive all necessary tests at the centre. It is hoped that in nearly all cases, patients will receive either a diagnosis or all-clear within two weeks and will have any treatment required started within 31 days. In some cases, there is even the possibility of a same day diagnosis.

The trial is being co-ordinated by the NHS, Cancer Research UK and Macmillan Cancer Support and forms part of the NHS’s plan to meet a new standard for diagnosis, where patients with suspected cancer should receive a diagnosis or the all clear within 28-days.

Early diagnosis is key to improving a cancer patient’s chances of survival, as Dr Rosie Loftus, joint Chief Medical Officer of Macmillan said to the NHS England website, “If cancer is diagnosed at an earlier stage it can significantly improve someone’s chances of survival in the long term. This initiative is an important step in improving early diagnosis in England and Macmillan Cancer Support is proud to have partnered with NHS England in its development.”

Further details on the trial can be found on the NHS England website.


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