? Also known as "The Gunners"Question #1: Which football club has won the FA Cup most times?

? Queen Victoria was on the throneQuestion #2: The year England first played Australia in Test match cricket?

? Winning gold medals was water off a ducks back for this Olympian Question #3: Who has won the most Olympic gold medals?

? From the Southern HemisphereQuestion #4: Which country has won the Rugby World Cup most times?

? He beat Tim Henman in the 2001 rain interupted semi-finalQuestion #5: Who was the only “wild card” entrant to win the Wimbledon Men’s Final?

? Dame Shirley Bassey was born here.Question #6: Which was the first Welsh side to win the FA Cup?

? Has won the most men's major golf championshipsQuestion #7: Which legendary golfer is known as “The Golden Bear”?

? This year saw the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana Question #8: Susan Brown was the first female competitor in which sporting event?

? He competed against his younger brotherQuestion #9: Who has won the most Grand Prix Driver’s Championships?

? Running shoes required for this eventQuestion #10: What is the last event of the Decathlon?