Super Hero Tri Series 18th August 2018

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Well what a fantastic day! It started for me at 0200 am on Saturday morning when I got up to have my shower. I got myself ready and packed the car up with Gerald our stuffed giraffe and set off at 0300 am to meet my co Director Paul Sims at McDonalds at junction 19 of the A12 at Chelmsford. I was there a bit earlier than him so I treated myself to a cheeseburger at 0330 am. Never had food that early before! I needed the sustenance as we had to be at the venue, Dorney Lakes, Windsor, by 0600 am.

We set off with the intention of going along the A120, down the M11 and picking up the M25 where it joins the bottom of the M11. However the best laid plans of mice and men very often go astray and this was no different. Junctions 24 to 26 of the M25 were closed and the diversionary route took us up the A10 to Hertford then down the A414 to the A1M and picking up the M25 at junction 23. We followed that to the junction with the M4. We got off the M4 at junction 7 and my sat nav took me to Dorney Lakes.

When we arrived which was 0615 we started setting up the stand as it had to be ready by 0700 because they let the public in from 0700. The sky was very dark and threatening and I thought we were going to have heavy rain, but it stayed away all day – thank goodness because we did not have a tent.

The day started off very cool which was good for those taking part in the running and cycling but for the swimmers the water was quite cold. Eddie Camplin (Eddie the Para as he is best known) had personal bests in all three of his events which were the 750 m open water swim, the half marathon cycling and the 5 thousand meter day wheelchair event. The rest of the other three teams who took part all did very well and thanks go to Louise Neal – International Recruitment Expert – who organised the teams.

Easy Tiger team representing Dancing Giraffe CIC

Dancing Giraffe was sponsored by S&B Sportwear who provided all the kit for the event. The whole day was very good and everyone who took part was thrilled to be a part of something that raised funds for their favourite charity as well as getting some great get-fit exercise!

Channel 4 is presenting highlights of the event on Tuesday 4th September at 1130 am so don’t forget to record the programme if you can’t watch it. Clare Balding will be presenting it and is reported to have said on social media that it was one of the best events that she has ever been to.

If anyone is interested in participating in next year’s event, please do get in touch now. We also have the Winter Wheels event on 2nd December 2018 so if anyone is interested in that please let me know. You can contact me at

I want to thank everyone who took part whether as a competitor or as a supporter and let’s hope we can do better next time.

I left the event at 1745 and got home about 2030. I stopped on the way home to have something to eat and drink to stop myself from falling asleep at the wheel. But overall it was a wonderful and exciting day even if a tiring one. I slept in on Sunday to catch up with my rest! A well-deserved rest I might add!

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