The Latest from Get Yourself Active: September 2018

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Get Yourself Active has had an interesting month both inside and outside the office

It’s been a very interesting and productive month for Get Yourself Active. We had a lot of fun on National Fitness Day which was held on Wednesday 26 September. We took part in a lot of different activities like our first workshop for social workers in Essex. We’ve also got a nice new video from Disability Rights UK which shows why we run the projects and provide the information that we do.

Developments at Get Yourself Active and our partners

How do we keep ourselves physically active?

For National Fitness Day, instead of writing about why you should get fit we showed you the different ways that some of our staff at Disability Rights UK keep ourselves physically active, whether through dog walking, playing football or beyond – we even have the pictures to prove it! To learn more click here.

Get Yourself Active held its first workshop for Social Workers in Essex

On Wednesday 29 August Get Yourself Active held its first social workers guidelines workshop in Essex on how social workers can discuss physical activity with disabled people. Social workers from across Essex attended a session in Ely House in Basildon. Also attending were Cecelia Kumar from Sport England and Leo Capella, Communications Officer for Get Yourself Active. Learn more about the workshop by clicking here.

Disability Rights UK has launched the Right to Participate project

We all have a right to fair and equal treatment whether we go to the shops, swimming pool or a gym, which is why Disability Rights UK has launched The Right To Participate. This project aims to increase awareness of The Equality Act, especially the ways it can protect disabled people from discrimination in everyday situations. To look at a short film explaining what the Act is and the new website go here.

Share your experiences in the Activity Alliance leadership survey

Activity Alliance wants to understand the professional aspirations of disabled people and what support they could offer to enable more disabled people to pursue senior roles. This includes senior management and board membership, within the sport and active recreation sectors. To do this, the Alliance are calling upon disabled people and people with long-term health conditions to share their experiences and views. For more information and to access the survey click here.

An event and some announcements

New name, same game for communities

Table Tennis England is putting a new spin on their project designed to help organisations introduce table tennis into the community. Previously called Loop in the Community, the initiative has been relaunched as Ping in the Community. To learn more about it go here.

Quick Guide from NICE and SCIE: What to expect during assessment and care planning

Adults using care services should be supported to live their lives in the way they choose, so assessment and care planning should be focused on meeting their individual needs. This new quick guide from NICE and SCIE explains what people should expect from social care staff during assessment and care planning and also covers the types of support they should be offered if they need help with expressing their views and wishes. Download the guide here.

The latest WheelPower Feel Inspired Junior Sports Camp is coming up

WheelPower is pleased to announce its latest WheelPower Feel Inspired Junior Sports Camp is coming up on the 16th October 2018! This event is being held at Stoke Mandeville and will include sports such as table tennis, basketball, archery, fencing and tennis! The camp is open to people aged 12-18. Registration closes on the 5th of October so for more information click here.

A quick reminder from us to share your stories.

On National Fitness Day we showed different ways that disabled people could get themselves physically active. Interested in telling your own expereince about getting and keeping physically active? Then click here to find out more information on what we’re looking for and how to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

Wrapping things up and literally for a colleague

We’d like to end this newsletter by saying so long and thank you to Tom Bell who’s been the Coordintor for Get Yourself Active at Cheshire Centre for Independent Living and is now moving on. His work included helping to start Chester FC Mental Health and Wellbeing, which led to Chester FC winning a national award. We wish Tom the best of luck in his new role.

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