Assistant Content Editors

Reference: DG0002
Paid/Volunteer: Volunteer

An assistant content editor will be part of the creative vision behind Dancing Giraffe CIC and will assist the content editor(s) with editorial responsibility for output, performance, and development.

You will be working with the Dancing Giraffe team to deliver articles to support the disabled sector in Essex within tight time scales. You will gain experience by working within and as a team to help deliver a much-needed communication service.

You will be able to demonstrate substantial experience in the operational management of a major consumer website for a charity or commercial organisation.

Your skills will include: Being able to support the content editor in planning, conception, commissioning and delivery of digital content. You will have good communication, have confidence in presentation skills and the ability to help the content editor foster strong client relationships. A degree in English language or a Journalism degree would be preferable.

You will be at an advantage if you have worked on successful campaigns with a content editor. You will ensure that all content that appears on the Dancing Giraffe CIC website is timely, user-centred, engaging, and aligned to the organisation. You will be able to write and produce content in the manner dictated by the style guidelines. You will have experience of the use of content management systems and will assist the content editor to upload, update, and modify content. Check all content for grammatical, punctuation, spelling or syntax errors for content being made ready for publication.

You will take responsibility over specific content areas of the site (for example, travel, news, sport) when necessary and help generate new ideas for Dancing Giraffe CIC content in line with the vision of the organisation and with a view to raising its profile. You will maintain a consistent look and feel throughout the website to ensure Dancing Giraffe CIC has its own unique voice and style and contact voluntary writers and review, edit, and upload work as and when requested by the content editor to ensure smooth workflow management.

You will assist in dealing with legal matters regarding copy-writing of work and images and checking accuracy of facts and statistics where necessary. You will be excited by the opportunity to assist in creating inspiring and engaging content for one of Essex’s most well-known community interest websites. Ambition and enthusiasm are essential even of all the criteria above are not in place. Training may be provided where necessary.

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