Your ATOS horror stories wanted as Panorama uncovers ‘the great disability scam’!

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National charity Disability Rights UK are urging people to share their experience of ATOS assessments, as BBC's Panorama this week reveals major failings in the government's most ambitious welfare reform scheme, aimed at tackling disability unemployment.

Last year Panorama found evidence that the assessment carried out by private company ATOS was wrongly judging disabled people fit for work. In this week’s programme entitled ‘The Great Disability Scam’, Panorama highlights further faults in the government’s scheme.

Disability Rights UK has claimed that medical experts have found the scandalous ATOS ‘fit for work’ assessments ‘not fit for purpose.’

It is a truly terrifying experience for the hundreds and thousands of sick and disabled people called for ATOS assessment by the government hired company. What, however, makes it additionally worrying is the fact that ATOS keeps getting it wrong!

Atos has been described as running a ‘deeply flawed system’ that has led to thousands of people being deemed fit for work when they are physically or mentally unable.

We can all understand how dangerous and detrimental to their already compromised situation this proves. These serious mistakes can still currently be made, as the government has failed to address the situation by ensuring that ATOS alters its erroneous disability benefit tests.

Personal stories of people's experience cannot be easily dismissed and act as a powerful tool in mobilising politicians to act effectively.

The Minister for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith, has ultimate responsibility to remedy this pressing necessity to prevent further injustice and suffering.

Therefore Disability Rights UK are encouraging anyone who has experience of ATOS assessments, or any other ATOS error, to help alter this troubling course of events for the whole disabled community, by sending in their own stories to add weight to the body of evidence being collected.

Micheal Meacher, MP, is arranging to meet with Iain Duncan Smith and will be taking all the material collected along with him to convince the Minister to rectify the problem urgently.

Disabled members of our community have died and many have committed suicide as a result of these ‘not fit for purpose’ ATOS tests.

ATOS must change the way it assesses people, but will only do this if forced to by the government. The government will only act if we ensure it does.

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